Greater Houston Quarter Horse Association


All forms required to show are on this page. Please find the forms that apply to you, print, fill out and send to us prior to the show. Membership in GHQHA is required for high point eligibility. The membership application may be downloaded from this page.

Required Documentation

  • GHQHA Liability Release
  • Montgomery County Liability Release
  • Entry Form
  • Coggins Report

The  entry forms (one for Walk/Trot Division, one for Walk/Trot/Lope  Division, and one for our Ranch Division) may be downloaded from this page. The two required liability releases are located  within the Show Rules for you to print and sign.  A parent or  court-appointed guardian must sign the releases for each child 18 years  of age or younger. 

High Point

Please be sure to read this year's show rules carefully before your first show.  Please  be sure to mail or email your registration documents and your payment so that they are  received by our Show Secretary by 5:00 p.m. the Wednesday before the show.   Please enter early!   We will not bill you if you do not show up for the show!   This will help us start our shows on time.  

Ms. Billie Jones, GHQHA Show Secretary
P.O. Box 132533
Tyler, TX, 75713-2533

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Patterns can be found on the show schedule page.